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Among the competitors in the civilian drone industry, the leader is DLJ, accounting for 70% of the global consumer market. DLJ is a Chinese company, which stands for Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co.Ltd. They are the manufacturers of unmanned aerials vehicles (UAV), also known as drones. Founded in the year 2006, they launched Phantom as its first mini-copters and a series of flag copters under the same banner.  After which came the Mavic Pro in the year 2016, breaking all the stereotypes of a drone and emerged as the successful leader in the drone industry.

DLJ Mavic Pro

What does it do?

  • The quadcopter is sleek and stylish, arresting a mass consumer attention. It is foldable, compact and of course portable.
  • Including a vast set of features, Mavic pro scores well with respect to affordability.
  • It has features like flying ahead, behind and circling a specific target location. The Active feature helps you capture things like a pro and the spotlight feature helps you to train your copter to stay focused on the subject while you can fly it almost anywhere.
  • Four different modes help you do things perfectly at the drop of your hat. The Tripod mode helps you fly the drone indoor at a stable speed, while you can use Sport mode at its potential speed. Gesture mode is going to be everybody’s favorite as it helps you get a picture of yourself, simply saying a drone in the selfie mode.
  • A feature that you baby gets back home safe is a must. And that role is played by the return to home mode.
  • The drone has multiple sensors preventing it from crashing even at its potential speed.
  • Nobody wants their drone to act like a bee that flies closer to your eardrum. And Mavic Pro is quieter than you want it to be.

What has to change?

  • The camera view in Mavic Pro is not wide enough as it would be in the Phantom series.
  • To control the drone at different speeds, a remote becomes a must so that we don’t mess up things.
  • The operation pattern of the drone is quite complex, and it wants almost all the users to be an engineer.
  • In certain lighting condition, a blue line appears in photos and videos making it look little awkward.


Though there are certain demerits, they seem very meager when compared to brilliant work it does up in the air. The saddest thing is that most countries believe that activating a drone in residential areas could cause nuisance, though to an extent it seems right, it prevents those countries from legalizing it. However, the western world is zeroing in on the Mavic Pro. The product is a great choice if you are ready to overlook the tiny flaws.